5 Signs Your Website Needs Work

Most of the businesses don't aware whether their website needs improvement or not. The purpose of a website is to generate leads which target sales and marketing, not to impress your friends. In today's world, the secret to a developing business is well designed, better navigation and engaging website which meets the need of the businesses and customers. In order to stand out in the crowd and improve your website rankings, you can’t allow your website to slow when it comes to your website online presence.

I have updated 5 short reasons that you need to consider:

Hard to Navigate

People who are browsing the Internet stay on a webpage for only a few seconds before going away. Put yourself in your customer point of view and check how long it takes to find what they’re looking for. If you can't get information within one or two clicks, then the customers will get bored and ran away somewhere else. To get a potential customer, you need to be clear about your services what your business offers and whether it helps them to solve their problem in an easy way.

Poor Conversion Rate

Worried about the impact of a poor conversion rate? We consider that poor conversion is due to some technical flaw in your design. If your conversion rates reduce frequently, you need a redesign of your website. To get a good conversion rate, you need to provide clear information on what your business offer and what you would like to achieve. Visitors should be attracted to your site by making an inquiry, purchasing products, etc., that will be converted in a measurable way to boost your sales and revenue.

Isn't Mobile Friendly

Have you ever checked your website performing well on mobile devices? Recently Google has updated an algorithm which rewards mobile-friendly website and penalizes the websites that are not mobile friendly in search results. To achieve this, you need to implement a responsive design which makes your website fit in mobile search results and provides information with a proper design that helps customers to get perfect information on any device.

Isn't Responsive

Is your website is responsive? Do you know your website loads well on all screens from small to largest? Then you're losing your potential customers every time customers finds you on inappropriate screen. The most common things we face on the website that it loads differently on different devices due to lack of responsive design. To get a target audience you need to build a responsive website that should be loaded perfectly on all devices.

It’s slow to load

Did you check your website loading time? The website that loads very slow is frustrating to use and result in high bounce rate due to quick hit back to visit more responsive sites. If your website takes more than five seconds to load then you need to check which is affecting your sites loading time. Make sure your website loads on a variety of devices and browsers and you can use Pagespeed Insights tools which shows issues affecting website performance.

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