5 Signs Your Website is Boring

5 Signs Your Website is Boring

Do you feel that your business website is boring? Does it decline to drive as enough traffic as expected? If you think that you're facing this problem then your website needs a redesign which follows latest web standards. Don't make your page to look good provide effective and relevant information for your customers as efficiently as possible. When the users are bored on visiting your website, they won’t stay and return. These two are the most important factors which make more sales so update informative, collective and interesting websites for users to visit and stay longer.

Here are five signs that your website boring:

High Bounce Rates

TBounce rates measure the number of visitors coming to your site or viewing and navigating other pages. If your visitors leaves your website after viewing a single or a couple of pages that results in sales and customer loss then you should never ignore in this case. Also, if the visitors do not spend enough time on your website it is most fairly that your content is boring. Update relevant and informative content with stunning websites to reduce bounce rate.

Lag in Responsive

Is your website is responsive? Do you know your website loads well on all screens from small to largest? Then you're losing your potential customers every time customers finds you on inappropriate screen. The most common things we face on the website that it loads differently on different devices due to lack of responsive design. To get a target audience you need to build a responsive website that should be loaded perfectly on all devices.

Lack of Images

In today's world having a good number of images with catchy ones, the chances are more to grab viewers. A website filled with too much content is neither effective in delivering your message, if you promote your website to land on search engine visitors are not going to stay long to perform the desired action unless visuals and catchy images are not present. Images and videos are the first things to attract visitors to stay longer.

Clear Calls to Action

Websites with unclear calls to action surely miss an opportunity to generate a connection with visitors. CTA is a key element on a webpage helps the user to know what to do next. Without a clear Call To Action, the visitors may not know what to do next and leaves the site immediately without completing their task. However, you should update a call to action asking them to signup, email newsletter, get in touch, etc that can boost them to remain to collaborate with the site.

Low Average Time on Page

Measure your website average spending time of visitors to check whether your website is informative or boring. If your visitors spending less time on your website, then you should take into consideration before you lose your visitors. Use Google Analytics to check visitors average time spending on your webpage. The less time they spend on website, the more likely they are not impressed by your website.

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