Web Application Services

Application Services

Aryvart Application Services are designed to provide the entire life cycle needs of your applications from initiation to retreat. Our experts predict and resolve lurking problems before they become an issue. Our services are designed to construct the most optimized user experience and deliver on the needs of a digitally empowered business. Our services minimize costs, improve the high rate to market and increase quality for our clients to enable them to transform for their digital future.

At Aryvart, we work with you to understand your business concerns, so that we are not just assembling our service level agreements, but sanctioning you to meet or exceed yours.

Application Managed Services

Aryvart Application Managed Services help organizations accomplish excellent results by following a strategic, flexible approach to control the complexity of your application portfolio.

Our real-time perception and agility enables it to examine across the complete portfolio, spotting many issues before the end users do, thus enhancing the availability of applications to make end users more productive.

Mobile Application Services

The business outlook is changing fiercely with the increasing conception of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into the workspace. This entails your applications to be equally smart to function effectively across a varied range of platforms. Aryvart Mobile Application Services support for this by combining a set of application development and maintenance services related to smartphones and tablets across the major platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Our range of Mobile Application Services includes:

Application development

Application assessment

User experience design

User authentication

Application testing

Application Maintenance and Support Services

Application Maintenance and Support is an intellectual task which requires many resources. Aryvart has a spelled out Application Maintenance process that allow effective capturing, reporting, and closing of maintenance requests. This process collar a distributed delivery environment in what way work responsibilities can be efficiently divided between various groups depending on the seriousness of requests.

Beyond providing superior application quality and minimizing costs, our approach provides:

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve application stability

We make processes more efficient and the business more agile

We enhance value realization with business and IT alignment

We offer endless support for constant improvements, transformation and innovation

Application Modernization

Aryvart Application modernization services help companies to drift legacy applications to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionality.

Aryvart application modernization includes:

Application migration

Data migration

Platform migration

Cloud services

SaaS enablement

Testing services

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