Aryvart Technologies Services is a one of the best Big Data Company. Our Big Data solution team is capable of implementing of the big data based analytics. Aryvart Technologies Services are experienced in key technologies in the Big Data stacks that include Hadoop, and MongoDB.

Why Big Data


  • By huge growth of data by the internet traditional by the way of Decision Making are not effective.
  • By Social Media, there is an increase in trend of expressing customers by their needs, refer the blog before Decision Making.
  • Different of sources are we get the data is increased along with the non uniformity of the data by which making difficult to maintain and process by the traditional sources.

How BIG DATA helps with ATS?

  • It reduces the overall IT cost.
  • It will be able to raise the capabilities of the present applications by integrating the decision points over it.
  • It helps you to understand the customer’s social behaviours and their interest better.
  • It will help you to tune your Marketing Activities and Sales targeted Audience.
Big Data Helps

ATS Key Solutions on Big Data

Social Media Analytics

Social Media analytics

Ecommerce Analytics

E-commerce analytics

ATS Implementation Approach on Big Data

Implementation Big Data

Aryvart Technologies Services as the Data Analytics Company that support with the Big data experts team have created the wide set of practices, organizes approach and check lists for the Big data implementations.

Key features

  • Identify the Data Sources.
  • Identify the Classify Data and Data.
  • Identify the Map against data category and Business Objectives.
  • Define a Consumer’s.
  • Define the Implementation Strategy.
  • Implementation of Big Data.
  • Evaluating the Output’s.
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